V. F. Hrechko, O. V. Hrechko


The creation of the cascade of hydroelectric power stations in Dnepr-river channel was accompanied by creation of artificial water basins. Change of hydro-geological conditions has resulted in flooding of adjoining territories and necessity of maintenance of the operational suitability of buildings and constructions located on them. The results of works on restoration of automobile overbridge above railroad tracks with intensive movement of trains in the city of Nikopollocated on the coast ofKakhovskoewater basin are presented. During operation more than 40 years, the inadmissible deformations in the above-ground overbridge constructions, caused by non-uniform settlements of foundations of supports, have taken place. The non-uniformity of foundations settlements has achieved600 mm.

The foundations settlements were due to the changes of physical-and-mechanical characteristics of loessial soil of foundation owing to heaving of the underground water level.


gain; foundation; emergency bridge

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