D. V. Ustymenko


Purpose. The article aimed at comprehensive analysis of the processes occurring in the lubricant films of the friction surfaces of the tribosystem «overhead line – current collector contact strip» (OLCCCS) and identification of the features of such systems. Methodology. The systematic analysis was used as the main methodology for studying the physico-technological aspects of work of the lubricant films in the tribosystem «overhead line – current collector contact strip». Findings. The theory of electro-friction interaction is now at such a stage that is characterized by a large amount of accumulated empirical data, hypotheses and models that cannot adequately represent phenomena in a sliding, high-current electrical contact. The sliding electrical contact of the tribosystem «overhead line – current collector contact strip» during the operation is affected by many factors, one of which is the processes in the lubricating layers of the friction pair. The work leads to a new level of understanding of the peculiarities of the processes occurring in the lubricating layers and their effect on the work of a sliding, high-current electrical contact, which can become the guarantee of significant increase in the efficiency of such systems and, as a consequence, substantially increase the reliability and safety of the work of the electric stock. Originality. It is proposed to consider the processes of electro-friction interaction of electrical contacts from the position of synergy using the theory of fractals as the core one for the quantitative description of self-organizing structures. Practical value. Taking into account the empirical experience of operation of the tribosystem «overhead line – current collector contact strip» in combination with theoretical knowledge allows us to propose three possible directions for solving tribological problems in high-current sliding electrical contacts. They are: 1) change in contact geometry and surface topography, for example, the use of regular macrorelief of contact surfaces; 2) development of conductive composites which are characterised with self-lubrication, for example the use of composite materials containing solid conductive lubricants; 3) development of effective lubricants for electric high-current sliding contacts, which may require some complication of the component design.


contact pair; current collection; overhead line; wear rate; limit friction; contact transient resistance; current collector contact strip

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