Methods to improve the physical and mechanical and technological properties of durability of concrete, mortars and concrete

V. V. Kovalenko, Yu. L. Zayats, T. P. Reshetnyak, P. O. Pshinko


The methods of increasing the physicо-mechanical, technological properties and durability of concrete, mortars and reinforced concrete are presented in the paper. The influence of basic plasticizers, dispersed and complex additions on the operation properties of concretes and mortars is considered. The suggested ways of increasing necessary technological and physicо-mechanical properties for achievement of the best effectiveness lead to the necessity of using – in any case of goal-seeking influence – the complex chemical and dispersed additions. The developed ways of increasing the reinforced concrete durability include the complex of measures checking anticorrosion activities of additions for concretes with respect to steel reinforcement, the use of surface coatings of reinforced concrete with special chemical additions, as well as during production of reinforcement rolled metal the use of special regimes of high-temperature thermomechanical treatment under intercellular cooling of metal and after-rolling regulation cooling in the stream of rolling mill.


physical and mechanical properties of concrete; technological properties of concrete

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