V. O. Zadoia


At the present stage of reforming the railway transport of Ukraine there are a few organizational and legal options proposed. Among them there are three essentially different approaches of forming the industry’s organizational structure that can be singled out: the traditional hierarchy; a many-level holding; and a highly centralized company (a company –single legal entity). The change of form of ownership is assumed to be realized by establishment of a joint-stock company with subsequent privatization. The form of government control will not include an economic management and will be directed, foremost, to the management and exploitation of infrastructures. The prospect of the stock sale at the market is thus inevitable. A question then arises: how to reserve the real management of enterprise and attract investments for development of the industry. One of the options of reforming the activities of railway transport of Ukraine has been thus proposed within the framework of the effective law and in the taxation scope of the country.


railway transport; legal

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