road bed, defect places, embankment, ballast stone, ballast section, counter dam, ground penetrating radar


Purpose. Defective places definition of road bed at ground penetrating radar is examined. Methodology. For achievement of this goal the experimental research on ground penetrating radar inspection of road bed defective places of the Donetsk Railway, which are caused by a complex of various reasons of geotechnical and constructive character, were conducted. Findings. According to these diagnostic results of road bed on the three districts of the Donetsk Railway is revealed the main causes which lead to the defects appearance, deformities and injuries in it, there is abuse of process parameters and modify its physic mechanical soil properties of natural and technology-related factors. As it is established, the use of ground penetrating radar of series “Losa” on the railways of Ukraine allows searching ballast tank in the body of road bed, defining damp places in soil road bed and foundations, to find arrangement of foreign matter in the soil road bed and work search heterogeneity and places weakening soil. In addition, the use of ground penetrating radar provides rapid detection of defects, deformation and damage of railway track, especially in areas the most dangerous for rolling stock that creates the high level security at the main and auxiliary lines of Ukrzaliznytsia. In conducting the research was justified the high level of reliability and performance with autonomous use of ground penetrating radar. Originality. In modern conditions of defects determination, deformations and damages by traditional methods with application of engineering-geological investigations, it is impossible in connection with their insufficient efficiency. Therefore the using of highly effective methodology of expeditious tool identification of defective places allows reducing significantly the periods of repair of a railway track which is very important for introduction of the highspeed movement on the Ukrainian Railways. Practical value. On the basis of the executed investigations the main actions for defects elimination, deformations and damages which consist in the device of counter dams, the draining sections, the augercast and augured piles are offered.

Author Biographies

V. D. Petrenko, Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan

Dep. «Tunnels, Bases and Foundations»

V. V. Kovalevych, PLC «Transbudinzhynirynh»

В. В. Ковалевич


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