The structure and producting technology are developed for rolled and casting of aluminum ingots with carbonitride reinforcement for new generation carriages

U. S. Proidak, A. V. Rabynovych, H. N. Trehubenko, U. A. Bublykiv, H. A. Poliakov, A. A. Katrych, A. V. Puchikov


The composition and manufacturing technology for steel rolling and casting products for the new generation wagons are developed. The level of properties of metal production meets the recommendations of the International Conference “Zheldormashinostroenie” (Shcherbinka, 29-30.06.2004). This is achieved by a complex microalloying the base steels with nitrogen, titanium and aluminum in the ratios ensuring the formation of uniformly distributed carbonitride and nitride nanophases and stable fine-grained structure (≥ 8 points in the casting and ≥ 9 points in the rolling).


steel; casting; rolling; wagons

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