Possibility of the use of technology 100VG-100VG-anyLAN in the informative systems of railway transport

V. N. Pakhomovа, T. I. Skaballanovich, D. A. Lyakhov


One of possible variants of association of networks of different technologies is presented with the use of concentrators and switchboards 100VG-аnyLAN at the level of linear enterprises of railway transport of Ukraine. The corresponding simulation model of network is worked out with a switchboard, in basis of which fixed bubble of port of switchboard diagram on the algorithm of transparent bridge and bubble of concentrator and station diagram 100VG-аnyLAN for determination of descriptions of network in priority and non-priority modes of processing of data. It is set that in a time of reaction of network 100VG-anyLAN most influence renders the threshold of expectation of queries in a turn. 


ascending and descending ports; high and subzero priorities; algorithm of transparent bridge; filtration and advancement of shot

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