Evaluation laterally loaded liquid of inhomogeneous trains at various mode of braking

Y. N. Romanyuk


Problem statement. By means of mathematical modelling it is investigated longitudinal forces of non-uniform bulk trains at various ways of braking. Various schemes of formation of the bulk trains, consisting of four-axised and eight-axised tanks with various level of incomplete filling of  transported liquid are considered. It is estimated the influence of level of filling of a copper of the tank by  liquid on longitudinal forces of trains at braking. For the decision of the given problem the trains made from 30 four-axised and 30 eight-axised  cars-tanks and one locomotive VL-8,  located in the head of a train were considered. For the estimation of longitudinal forces emergency and full service braking at speeds of movement 30 km/h and 60 km/h on a horizontal site of a way were considered. At mathematical modelling it was supposed that  tanks were filled by black oil in density ρ =0,99 t/m 3. Various variants of removal of the level   free surface of  liquid from the top internal surface of a copper of the tank were considered. The incomplete filling was accepted equal 0,4; 0,8; 1,2 metres. Scientific results. As a result of calculations diagrammes of distribution of the maximum longitudinal forces along the length of a train and brake ways for various schemes of formation and different level of  incomplete filling of  transported liquid have been received. Various braking of preliminary stretched and compressed trains are considered. Conclusions. The received results show that in need of driving the bulk non-uniform as cars-tanks (4- axised and 8- axised) trains their formation should be made with installation of eight-axised tanks in the first half of the structure. 


longitudinal forces; mathematical modeling; braking; freight trains

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