No 38 (2011)


Table of Contents


The correlated track receiver of tone track circuits PDF (Русский)
K. V. Goncharov 188-193


The mathematic simulation process of toxic gas wicking into the room through the ventilation system on the territory of chemically hazardous object during the emergency PDF (Русский)
M. M. Biliaiev, L. F. Dolina, O. Yu. Gunko 170-176
The mine drainages diffusion and physical simulation are in area of the Black sea PDF (Русский)
M. M. Biliaiev, P. S. Kyrychenko 177-180
The improving technology of liquidation aftermath outages of oil products during the transportation PDF (Українська)
I. Ya. Peresta, L. O. Yaryshkina, S. I. Muzykyna, Yu. V. Zelenko, I. L. Zhuravel 181-187


The theory–methodological approach defines marketability services which are provided by passenger kinds of transports PDF (Українська)
Yu. S. Barash, A. A. Pokotilov, T. Yu. Charkyna 233-237
Self-regulation for professional activities of stock market participants their sense, aims and principles of integration PDF (Українська)
N. V. Bachal 238-241
Forecasting expenses for rolling stock repair of the transport organization are prorated ones on fuel materials PDF (Русский)
N. F. Zenchuk, A. V. Zaluzhna 242-248
The account and analysis improve for using main items in division, signalization and connection PDF (Українська)
A. M. Kozuberda, L. V. Pryvalova 249-253
Methods of chaotic dynamics in schemes of researches feasibility internals of car traffic volumes PDF (Русский)
H. A. Kramarenko, A. V. Nechay, V. V. Skalozub 254-258
Forms of effective region economic and management PDF (Українська)
N. V. Myroshnyk 259-262
The financial safety is on the railway organizations PDF (Українська)
O. I. Milai 263-269
Principles of fare constructions for passengers transportation in surban and local trains PDF (Українська)
O. P. Pinchuck 270-276
The improvement conception of Dnepropetrovsk transport system is one of main factors of tourist beauty PDF (Українська)
H. Ya. Mozolevych, V. I. Titiapov, I. S. Zasukha 277-280
The institutionalization of the management systems by transport organization in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
I. P. Sadlovska, V. V. Sokolova 281-286
Modern marketing features of freight transportation on Ukrainian market terms PDF (Українська)
N. V. Radionova, O. I. Kobets 287-290
The forecasting researching method of historic series is based on common logistic reflection PDF (Українська)
V. V. Skalozub, I. V. Klymenko 291-295
Account improvement for less value and life-limited subjects in terms of industrial production PDF (Українська)
R. B. Sokolskaia, V. D. Zelykman, E. Yu. Zakharova 296-298
Evolution of insurance definition PDF (Українська)
V. A. Gorb, V. V. Smoliaska 299-305


Plan’s parameters of elements optimization in classification tracks PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bobrovskyi, A. I. Kolesnyk, A. S. Dorosh 35-40
Upgrading exploitation axials’ pins qualities of mounted wheels through hard facing PDF (Русский)
L. M. Lubenska, P. V. Kolodiazhnyi 41-46
The work simulation of flow rate for carriages' repair as a multiphase, multiplex and multidisciplinary system of mass service PDF (Русский)
V. V. Myamlin, S. V. Myamlin 47-57
The investigation of the transport system for fright owners servicing in the traffic centres PDF (Українська)
Ye. V. Nahornyi, A. M. Okrokov, H. I. Peresta 58-62


The traction electric operation and its exploitation abilities PDF (Українська)
V. M. Bezruchenko, O. A. Khoroshko 63-67
The process of getting stable self-excited oscillations in system of low-voltage circuits of regulation with electric potential of locomotive VL8 PDF (Українська)
D. S. Bilukhin 68-72
DC3 is eight-wheels locomotive with the second method of traction ratio, rating of discharging loads and additional ones of its wheels and deflections of spring suspension during the tractions efforts transfer from bogies to car body with using reclining PDF (Русский)
V. A. Bratash, T. I. Yefimova, U. Y. Povolotska 73-78
Increasing of computational accuracy which is based on using multi-magnetic – operated characteristics of electro-motors PDF (Українська)
S. M. Holik 79-81
System of distributed power with drop link of overfrequency for electric railways PDF (Русский)
U. P. Honcharov, N. V. Panasenko, V. V. Zamuruiev, V. V. Ivakhno, S. U. Krivosheyev, U. V. Chursina, M. V. Danilov, V. H. Sychenko, V. U. Ivanov 82-89
Specification method is for actuation setpoint of protectors from short completions in power circuits of electric motive power PDF (Українська)
O. O. Karzova 90-94
Some directions for development of servicing system and repair in overhead one PDF (Українська)
O. S. Kuchmii, O. M. Bogutenko 95-98
Specification methods are for electrical index systems of electric traction in transient state of its work. 1. The theoretical results PDF (Українська)
P. Ye. Mykhalichenko, M. O. Kostin 99-104
The mathematic stimulation of transient process in a.c. – system “electric-traction network – locomotive” 3. Switching on main power converter in “free play” mode; the analysis of volts and currents in the power supply input system PDF (Українська)
T. M. Mischenko 105-109
Simulation of electro-magnetic process in the IDC electric traction network PDF (Українська)
V. H. Sychenko 110-113


Additional outlays for railway when speed limits appear on steep long ascents PDF (Українська)
M. B. Kurgan, O. S. Chernyishova 114-116
Fathom influence of straight insertion on allowed speed by allied pointworks which are created by the first scheme PDF (Українська)
K. V. Moyseyenko 117-126
The analysis of exploitation fixity elements of pointworks PDF (Українська)
V. V. Rybkin, E. M. Bal, I. O. Bondarenko 127-133


The method of accelerated tests for hardness material PDF (Русский)
S. E. Bielskyi, I. P. Volchok, A. A. Mitiaiev 201-206
Increase structural strength of marganese steel PDF (Русский)
L. N. Bunina, I. P. Volchok 207-212
The mathematic simulation of parameters fatigue strength in structural variegated systems PDF (Українська)
M. O. Kuzin, T. M. Meshcheriakova 213-219
Providing details from titanium alloys of anticorrosion protection and decorative paint during chemico-thermal processing into verified nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere PDF (Українська)
I. M. Pohreliuk, O. V. Tkachuk, Z. O. Siryk 220-224
The structure and producting technology are developed for rolled and casting of aluminum ingots with carbonitride reinforcement for new generation carriages PDF (Русский)
U. S. Proidak, A. V. Rabynovych, H. N. Trehubenko, U. A. Bublykiv, H. A. Poliakov, A. A. Katrych, A. V. Puchikov 225-228
Structural changes have in complex alloying white iron during destabilizing heating PDF (Русский)
U. H. Chabak, V. H. Yefremenko, R. R. Stanishevskyi 229-232


Grade compulations on Paret’s set with two indexes PDF (Українська)
V. V. Lahuta 194-200


Analysing longitudinal loading of heavy trains during braking PDF (Русский)
E. P. Blokhin, L. V. Ursuliak, Y. N. Romaniuk 7-16
The strain-stress state investigation of structural units of the ballast prism by type SP3-5/UA PDF (Українська)
S. A. Kostrytsia, B. M. Tovt 17-23
Buildings' characteristics of magnet-levitated train operation PDF (Русский)
V. A. Poliakov, N. M. Khachapurydze 24-29
The article is about some variants of outlines track lines of the electrodynamic transport system wich has flat track structure PDF (Русский)
N. A. Radchenko, O. V. Zvonarova, T. I. Kuznetsova 30-31
The working experience in projection to uptake rolling stock “ TALGO” on Kazakstan railways PDF (Русский)
V. H. Solonenko, Zh. S. Musaiev, A. N. Nemasinova 32-34


Correcting accounting results of tensions using fem by Hss method PDF (Русский)
D. O. Bannikov, A. E. Huslista 134-141
Changing of the strain – stress state of base soil structure with deep cranks device PDF (Русский)
N. V. Zuivska, S. A. Dvirnyk, V. E. Hubashova, U. V. Volyk 142-147
Attribution of the strain-stress state of floor desk and choose the right decision PDF (Українська)
I. I. Kyrpa, A. O. Hrynyshyn 148-152
The modular system is a kind of method to increase students qualities in descriptive geometry during process of study PDF (Українська)
A. V. Krasnyuk, T. V. Tatiana 153-156
To provide resistance of ballasted section (on weak basis) during railway modernization PDF (Українська)
A. V. Nikolaichuk, I. P. Hameliak, A. S. Lytvynenko, I. V. Liakhovyi, H. V. Zhurba 157-161
Reamers of sphere are closed PDF (Українська)
Y. Y. Popudniak, T. V. Ulchenko, A. S. Shcherbak 162-164
Vibro-vacuumed. concrete cinders and ash concretes PDF (Русский)
A. P. Prykhodko, T. M. Pavlenko, A. R. Abbasova 165-169