No 39 (2011)


Table of Contents


Actual questions about using inventory rolling stock and its own one by carriages during transportation by Ukrainian railways PDF (Українська)
M. H. Belynskaia 223-228


Determination of fracture mechanics parameters for bodies gyration in unsteady dynamic problems PDF (Українська)
V. A. Bazhenov, I. I. Solodei, M. O. Vabishchevych 7-12
Studies of metals beams in long-term storage PDF (Українська)
Ya. A. Balabukh 13-17
The work modeling in building structures of maintained ones in the transmission dynamic effects through the soil array PDF (Русский)
V. A. Banakh 18-22
Features of the monitoring system and the physical condition of urban bridges PDF (Русский)
A. V. Bilchenko, A. H. Kyslov 23-26
The compression of pre-stressed isotropic layer with two coaxial annular stamps PDF (Українська)
I. U. Harbuseva 27-32
Evaluation of the technical state of ferroconcrete railway bridges PDF (Українська)
A. V. Harmash, V. I. Solomka, O. V. Horbova 33-36
The computational method for the control efforts in statistically indeterminate systems of steel structures PDF (Українська)
M. V. Hohol, M. R. Bilskyi 37-46
Reinforced concrete slab of ballastless bridge with stress-strain state PDF (Українська)
O. L. Zakora, S. V. Kliushnyk, H. O. Lynnyk, M. P. Dytynenko, D. L. Ivashkevych, O. A. Zabyiaka 47-50
The temperature distribution of residual stresses in the channel bars during the weld application PDF (Русский)
A. P. Ivanov, V. V. Psiuk, І. A. Ivanov 51-54
Ways of ensuring regulatory resource of bridge spans PDF (Русский)
V. I. Kyrian, M. H. Malhin 55-60
The strain is into precast-monolithic bridges constructions with including the staging work PDF (Українська)
P. M. Koval, S. V. Stoianovych 61-65
Analysing the pre-stressed monolithic concrete overpass PDF (Українська)
P. M. Koval, A. E. Fal, P. M. Stashuk, Ya. I. Kovalchyk 66-71
The resistance strain gages are multifunction (sensors) PDF (Українська)
V. V. Kovaltchuk, Y. Y. Luchko 72-82
The profiled flooring is used during the reconstruction and repair of small bridges PDF (Русский)
V. P. Kozhushko, S. N. Krasnov, E. S. Krasnova 83-86
Principles of proving corrosion risk of building structures, fabrics and constructions PDF (Українська)
V. P. Korolov, O. M. Hibalenko, A. N. Shevchenko 87-90
Estimate on fatigue welded units of orthotropic slabs of bridge mental spans in the local directions PDF (Русский)
M. H. Malhin, V. I. Kyrian 91-97
Optimization of the retarding agent for the repair cracked concrete element by injection technology PDF (Українська)
V. I. Marukha, I. P. Hnyp, M. P. Voloshyn 98-103
Experimental researches of reinforced concrete beams by class A500C with longitudinal reinforcement and amplified by composite system RUREDIL X MENSH GOLD PDF (Українська)
I. V. Melnyk, R. Z. Dobrianskyi, R. I. Kanafotskyi, N. B. Davydovskyi 104-109
A circular stamp contactly communicates with a layer of a non-ideal thermal contact PDF (Українська)
B. S. Okrepkyi, M. Y. Shelestovska 110-117
The contact fatigue damage of the wheels tread by types KP-2 and KP-T PDF (Українська)
O. P. Ostash, I. M. Andreiko, V. V. Kulyk, V. I. Prokopets 118-122
Composite steel and concrete beams, I-beams are in the supercritical stage of concrete working, their strength’s analysis of normal sections PDF (Українська)
A. M. Pavlikov, O. A. Krupchenko 123-125
Methods of high level exact solution of Cauchy’s task for Volter’s unlinear integro-partial differential equations PDF (Українська)
Y. M. Pelekh 126-130
Double computation schemes of solution unlinear integro-partial differential equations with the main error estimation PDF (Українська)
R. Ya. Pelekh, Yu. Yu. Luchko 131-137
The complex analysis of the column station with depth variation PDF (Українська)
V. D. Petrenko, O. L. Tiutkin, V. I. Petrenko 138-143
The endurance of concrete steel constructions in nuclear facilities PDF (Русский)
K. A. Pyradov 144-149
The development of some aspects of colloid chemistry and physicochemistry mechanics of disperse systems and materials are used in stability slopes PDF (Русский)
A. N. Pluhin, L. V. Trikoz, O. S. Herasimenko, A. A. Pluhin, D. A. Pluhin, Al. A. Pluhin 150-156
The mechanical specifications of titanium alloyes with fixed surface layers PDF (Українська)
I. M. Pohreliuk, O. V. Tkachuk, A. V. Samborskyi, Z. O. Siryk 157-162
Buildings’ features of volume finite-elements for estimate continuum models of bridges’ structures PDF (Русский)
A. S. Raspopov, V. Ye. Artemov 163-167
The problem’s analysis to define bridges’ defects by vibration monitoring methods PDF (Українська)
V. P. Redchenko, Y. V. Крючков, T. V. Redchenko 168-172
Investigations of a load-life with pre-stressed concrete sleepers by Ukrainian production PDF (Українська)
V. V. Rybkin, Y. L. Zayats, V. V. Kovalenko, P. O. Pshinko 173-179
Standart physico–mechanical characteristics of constructional concrete and their nanotechnological valuation aspects in frame of the theory sliding into a micro-polarized sphere (MPS) with an acceptible probability Vbkni = (1-1,64X0, 135X0,01B) PDF (Русский)
V. N. Rudakov, H. A. Molodchenko, D. V. Abrakitov 180-190
Characteristics of modeling stress-deformed state of steel light thin-walled constructions PDF (Українська)
O. V. Semko, A. V. Hasenko, D. M. Lazariev, Y. O. Avramenko 191-194
Thermoeffective foundation blocks are used for heating basements and socular rooms PDF (Українська)
O. V. Semko, O. I. Fylonenko 195-197
The components definition of the strain-stress state and computation on a resistance of the Tube confined concrete with local power exposures PDF (Українська)
O. P. Sinelnyk 198-202
Spalling of the spring concrete ties by type NBK-7D after long period of attendance PDF (Русский)
M. Sychevsky 203-207
The structure influences of the stress state on straining non-corrosive steel during the additional impulse charges PDF (Русский)
N. H. Chausov, A. P. Pilipenko, V. B. Berezin, V. N. Paratsa, I. I. Luchko 208-211
Numerical analysis of steel concrete slabs PDF (Русский)
E. D. Chykhladze, L. V. Haponova 212-217
Circular stamp’s pressure on isotropic layer with permanent strain caused by concentrated heat during welding PDF (Українська)
B. H. Shelestovskyi, H. V. Habrusev 218-222