No 40 (2012)


Table of Contents


Research of influence of pulse interference on the tone rail circuits PDF (Русский)
K. V. Goncharov 161-166


Ecological aspects of recycling the polyethylene terephthalate waste materials PDF (Русский)
N. T. Arlamova, M. V. Burmistr, T. V. Khokhlova, O. V. Rozgon, M. L. Soroka 146-150
Accident at chemically hazardous enterprises: numerical simulation of the process of neutralizing the toxic gas over the building roof PDF (Русский)
N. N. Belyaev, V. M. Lisnyak 151-155
Complex characteristics of weather phenomena dangerous for the operation of land transport in Dnipropetrovsk region PDF (Українська)
A. S. Gorb 156-160


Improving the management mechanism of railway freight transportation PDF (Українська)
Yu. S. Barash, L. V. Martsenyuk 243-247
Analysis of the scientific works on restructuring of technical base for repair of freight carriages PDF (Українська)
J. V. Bulgakova 248-255
Gain of transportation revenue by optimization of quota allocation for in-between stations PDF (Русский)
G. L. Venediktov, V. M. Kochetkov 256-261
Estimation of losses from damage of cars PDF (Українська)
M. V. Gnenniy, O. M. Gnenniy 262-266
Scientific principles of determination of efficiency of running a separate passenger train PDF (Українська)
Kh. V. Drebot, Yu. S. Barash 267-269
Organizational and economic development mechanism for industrial railway transport enterprises in conditions of inelastic demand PDF (Українська)
G. V. Zhukova 270-273
Reproduction of fixed assets in ensuring the economic security of railway transport enterprises PDF (Українська)
S. V. Kalambet, O. V. Chornovil, V. A. Voropay 274-280
Formation of transport-logistical systems in the conditions of reforming railway branch PDF (Українська)
V. I. Kopytko 281-284
Optimum criterion for comparison of reformation models for urban transport PDF (Українська)
Yu. P. Melyantsova 285-288
Issues of vertical dividing the railways in the european sector PDF (Українська)
M. I. Mishchenko 289-295
The problem of monopoly in rail transport PDF (Русский)
E. A. Petrenko 296-300
Sequence of solution for problem of improvement of efficiency of suburban passenger transportations PDF (Українська)
O. P. Pinchuk 301-304
Methodical approach to determination of price for services of train stations taking into account seasonal coefficients to optimize prices depending on demand PDF (Українська)
G. S. Piatygorets 305-310
Logistic system as an essential element of modern organization of railway passenger traffic PDF (Русский)
O. A. Khodoskina 311-315
Analysis of the modern state of information and analytical support of internal financial monitoring for the railways of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
V. I. Shynkarenko, O. Yu. Gresova, Ye. G. Gresova 316-321


Teoretichesike aspects of modeling wear layered coating PDF (Українська)
V. V. Аrtemchuk 46-54
Estimation of modes frictions and greasing in bearing axial hanging of locomotives PDF (Русский)
V. N. Аsтаkhоv, E. N. Lysikоv, P. E. Коnоvаlоv 55-62
Strategies for the operation, maintenance and locomotive repair PDF (Українська)
M. I. Kapitsa, R. O. Korenjuk 63-66
Method of distributing of freight transportations on paralel'nym to motions on the electrified areas PDF (Українська)
N. O. Logvinova 67-69
Automation of monitoring and exploitation management of pointwork electric motor parks based of the parameters of current technical state PDF (Русский)
V. V. Skalozub, O. M. Shvets 70-74


Improving the electromagnetic compatibility of track circuits with electric rolling stock of double power supply with induction traction motors and electrictraction network PDF (Українська)
N. G. Visin, D. A. Zabarylo 75-82
Problems of aerodynamics for providing the fire safety in subways PDF (Русский)
S. A. Gryaznova, N. V. Khvorost 83-86
Development of theory of spectra and its adaptation to the tasks of analysis of transient emergency regimes for electric traction systems PDF (Українська)
P. Ye. Mikhalichenko, N. A. Kostin 87-89


Reconstruction of curves for introduction of highspeed traffic of passenger trains PDF (Українська)
N. B. Kurgan, M. A. Gusak, N. P. Khmelevs’ka 90-97
Prediction of losses of railways if traffic speed is limited PDF (Українська)
N. B. Kurgan, O. S. Chernyshova 98-101
Experimental research of influence of length of direct insert on safety of run of cars on adjacent switches laid according to the first scheme PDF (Українська)
K. V. Moyseyenko, O. V. Shatunov 102-108
Improving the estimation of track condition using standard deviations of its geometrical parameters PDF (Русский)
M. I. Umanov, A. M. Patlasov 109-114


The damage at exploitation of high strength rolling rail wheels PDF (Русский)
L. I. Vakulenko, V. G. Anofriev 231-234
The projection and optimization at solve engineering problems PDF (Українська)
A. Ya. Kulichenko 235-238
The increased of wear-resistant metal with structure metastable crome-manganese after melting PDF (Русский)
V. L. Malinov 239-242


Control the system by quality on standard of iso 9000 in higher educational establishments PDF (Українська)
B. Ye. Bodnar, O. O. Matusevich 167-172
Strucrural complexity of systems PDF (Русский)
A. A. Bosov, V. M. Ilman 173-179
Automation of operative control of the state of chart of contact network of hauling elektrosnabzheniya of railway on basis of methods of consulting models PDF (Русский)
D. V. Voytikov 180-184
Automation of controller's management by train work on the byelorussian ferrous road PDF (Русский)
A. A. Erofeev, E. A. Erofeeva 185-191
System of monitoring of the corporate informative system PDF (Українська)
Yu. M. Ivchenko, V. H. Ivchenko, O. M. Gondar 192-195
Full-featured information management systems in electrical networks of corporations and companies PDF (Українська)
A. G. Kigel 196-203
Estimation of a condition of electromagnetic relays a method of acoustic diagnostics in systems of railway automatics PDF (Русский)
V. V. Laguta, V. Y. Khizyakov 204-207
Study of transportation-and-storage system using the method of principal components PDF (Українська)
O. A. Laschenykh, S. M. Turpak, S. V. Gritsay 208-216
Graphic presentation of information of acoustic monitoring of stream grinding process PDF (Русский)
N. S. Pryadko, T. M. Bulanaya, K. V. Shegeda 217-220
Automation of planning the heterogeneous dynamic streams in transport networks PDF (Русский)
V. V. Skalozub, L. A. Panik 221-225
Decision support system technology to attract investment and construction project PDF (Русский)
V. I. Uspalenko, N. S. Leskovskaya 226-230


Estimate of the possibility of the track capacity increase of the section Lavochne–Beskyt–Volovets at the expense of intensive application of regenerative braking system Saurt-Bars PDF (Русский)
V. V. Arsonov, I. V. Bilan, I. S. Grunic, V. L. Gorobets, L. V. Ursulyak, A. P. Taturevich 7-16
Estimation of strength indices of parts of supporting structures of traction assemblies OPE1A (ОПЭ1А) and prolongation of their service life PDF (Українська)
O. M. Bondaryev, V. L. Gorobets’, Ye. M. Dzichkovs’kyy, O. Ye. Kryvchykov, D. O. Yagoda, V. S. Bondaryeva 17-27
Labour intensity analysis of certain works during repair of open cars in depot PDF (Українська)
V. V. Myamlin 28-36
The structured analysis of the system of the joining electric locomotive of the type DS3 PDF (Русский)
V. Ya. Panasenko, I. V. Klimenko 37-39
Research of strained-and-stressed state of supporting structure of track machine KRS-1 PDF (Українська)
B. M. Tovt, E. M. Dzichkovskyy, O. E. Kryvchykov 40-45


Use of explosive energy in applying the shotcrete lining PDF (Русский)
S. V. Borshchevs’kyy, O. V. Khomenchuk, O. L. Tyutkin 115-119
Determination of initial conditions and solution of differential equations in the calculation of cylindrical reinforced concrete shells taking into account the creep of concrete PDF (Українська)
I. I. Кyrpa, E. A. Yatsenko 120-123
Major technological solutions for efficient unloading the frozen cargo from railway gondola cars PDF (Русский)
S. P. Mineyev, A. A. Prusova, M. A. Vygodin, A. S. Mineyev 124-130
Calculation of some power indices of mixers with blades of complex geometrical form PDF (Русский)
K. K. Miroshnychenko 131-134
Study of covering rocks of novo-dmitrovsk deposits of brown coal with the purpose of using as building materials PDF (Українська)
N. A. Nikiforova, I. L. Safronov, V. I. Stetsuk, V. O. Momot 135-139
Research of physical and chemical properties of small fillers for producrion of ferro-concrete sleepers PDF (Українська)
V. V. Rybkin, V. V. Kovalenko, Yu. L. Zayats, P. O. Pshin’ko, V. P. Lisnyak, L. O. Yaryshkina, S. V. Vasilyeva 140-145