No 21 (2008)


Table of Contents


The model of materials and structures endurance, with taking into account the evolution of their mechanical characteristics PDF (Русский)
V. L. Gorobets, Yu. I. Savin 7-15
The dynamics and traction energy metrics locomotive VL40 PDF (Українська)
S. V. Pylypenko, O. M. Bondarev, V. L. Ghorobets, O. I. Gilevych, V. V. Gluhov, K. I. Zheleznov, V. P. Litvinov, Ye. F. Fedorov, O. M. Zabolotnyi, D. O. Yaghoda 16-25
Another way of looking at the history of the wheel and technical aspect PDF (Українська)
A. V. Radkevych, L. М. Bondarenko, S. O. Yakovlev 26-28
Studies of the corrosion damage to the I-beam of gondola spine beams model 12-532 at the end of their service life PDF (Українська)
T. V. Sheleiko 29-30


The study of the temperature of the heating disc brakes of passenger car during the adjusting the braking PDF (Русский)
Yu. Ya. Vodiannikov, O. V. Grechko, S. O. Stoletov 31-40
The organization of efficient system of maintenance of locomotives series TGM4 on the example of JSC "Metallurgical plant "Zaporizhstal" PDF (Українська)
M. I. Kapitsa 41-45
The optimization of passenger trains PDF (Українська)
L. M. Loboiko, Yu. S. Barash, O. O. Karas 46-52


The simulation results of various modes of traction substations of DC PDF (Русский)
P. D. Andrienko, A. O. Kaplienko 53-56
Investigation of contact pendants C-2C-3, YC120-2CS150 and YC150-2CS150 types PDF (Русский)
M. Kanaevski, A. Roek, A. Bialonj 57-60
The power consumption rationing for own needs of traction substations PDF (Українська)
V. H. Kuznetsov, M. O. Ivanov, F. O. Fichoryak 61-68
Energy savings of the actuators operation on the enterprises for repair of railway equipment PDF (Українська)
O. O. Marenych 69-71
The power factor improving of the motors in enterprises with repair of railway equipment PDF (Українська)
O. L. Marenych, O. O. Marenych 72-73
The monitoring of electrical networks analysis of the quality of electrical energy PDF (Русский)
O. I. Tyuryutykov 74-77


A study of factors influencing the value of the maximum dangerous amount of track gauge PDF (Українська)
O. I. Bielorusov, V. V. Novikov 78-79
The improvement directions of soil compacting machines and technologies of their application for seal structure PDF (Українська)
K. Ts. Glavatskyi 80-86
Theoretical calculations are needed overall expansion between the rails in curves PDF (Українська)
I. P. Korzhenevych 87-89


Mathematical modeling of non-standard processes of air pollution on industrial sites PDF (Русский)
M. M. Biliaiev, O. Yu. Gunko, S. O. Sachuk 90-93
The liquidation features of accidents involving large-scale emissions of petroleum products PDF (Русский)
Yu. V. Zelenko, Chzhu Zhui 94-96
The use of thermoelectric modules in air conditioners of the evaporated type PDF (Українська)
I. V. Tytarenko, Ye. V. Khrystian 97-100
Prospects for the development of technology air conditioning PDF (Українська)
O. V. Chernyshova, Ye. V. Khrystyan, I. V. Tytarenko 101-104


The calculation of safe time work of spans largest accumulated wear problems PDF (Русский)
I. H. Haniiev 105-106
Modern aspects of bridges monitoring PDF (Русский)
M. I. Kazakevych 107-112
The practice of using GPR technology in the examination tunnel PDF (Русский)
O. B. Kazarin, B. O. Kazarin, D. Ye. Husiev, H. P. Pastushkov, V. Г. Pastushkov, D. V. Zhykharev 113-116
The development of the chemical composition of the economy doped chrome and manganese iron for lining the feed chute and the end walls of the gondola hopper 22-471 carrying the abrasive materials PDF (Русский)
V. V. Kovalenko 117-121
Methods to improve the physical and mechanical and technological properties of durability of concrete, mortars and concrete PDF (Українська)
V. V. Kovalenko, Yu. L. Zayats, T. P. Reshetnyak, P. O. Pshinko 122-124
To the question about the influence of the stresses in the elements of the reinforcement shafts at the rate of corrosion PDF (Русский)
V. V. Kovalenko, I. V. Kupenko, O. Yu. Prokopov, S. V. Karhapolov 125-127
About the development of spatial methods of calculating spans of highway bridges PDF (Русский)
V. P. Kozhushko 128-129
The problem of estimating the durability of the reinforced concrete bridges PDF (Русский)
O. I. Lantukh-Liashchenko 130-138
Design and calculation of the connection reinforcing bars crimping sleeves PDF (Українська)
Y. Y. Luchko, A. Ya. Pentsak, R. Ya. Pelekh 139-149
Numerical analysis of stress-strain state of the railway embankment with options for strengthening its design PDF (Українська)
V. D. Petrenko, V. T. Huzchenko, O. L. Tiutkin 150-158
Design problems of the buildings foundations and structures constructed in dense urban areas PDF (Русский)
O. Yu. Prokopov, M. V. Prokopova 159-161
The study of the process parameters of the injection of polymer mortar PDF (Русский)
O. M. Pshinko, O. V. Krasniuk, T. V. Ulchenko 162-166
Organizational and technological solutions for devices bored piles in water saturated soils PDF (Українська)
O. V. Radkevych 167-169
The end-graph approach to solving problems of the dynamics of beam structures PDF (Русский)
O. S. Raspopov 170-176
Research and model development of drilling and blasting technology penetrations of vertical shafts PDF (Русский)
O. I. Rubleva 177-184
Physico and chemical approach for the processing of waste titanium tetrachloride PDF (Русский)
Yu. L. Savin, O. P. Prykhodko, L. S. Savin 185-186
The innovative approaches to the design of supports and reinforcement of the deep mine shaft PDF (Русский)
S. H. Stradanchenko, O. Yu. Prokopov, M. S. Pleshko 187-192
The investigation of the actual work of metal suspension bridge for a pipeline through the Dnieper river with a span of 720 m PDF (Русский)
O. O. Tarnopolskyi, M. M. Rotmistrovskyi, M. I. Kazakevych 193-200
The theoretical basis for determining the stress-strain state of the clay rock mass as a visco-elasto-plastic environment PDF (Українська)
O. L. Tyutkin 201-206
The revised criterion of Pisarenko-Lebedev to evaluate the stress state of structural elements of buildings and structures PDF (Русский)
V. S. Shokaev 207-210
The development of methods and techniques of application, spraying concrete in a thin stream into the underground construction in Germany PDF (Русский)
E. Sсhperfekhter, S. V. Borshhevskyi 211-215


About the necessary and sufficient condition for the existence validation of functional test of minimum possible length for a one-dimensional iterative patterns PDF (Русский)
O. I. Tymoshkin 216-218


The savings of wagon-hours accumulation of cars when forming the duograph trains PDF (Українська)
M. P. Bozhko, O. O. Mazurenko 219-222
The integer vector of optimization problem of determining the optimal composition of passenger trains PDF (Русский)
O. O. Bosov, H. M. Kodola 223-227
The improving of the transit system of the car traffic volume PDF (Русский)
O. O. Yerofeev 228-232
The analysis of the information modulation parameters in excess of low-frequency components (kinema) of the speech signal PDF (Русский)
V. M. Zhuravlev, O. Ye. Arhypov, I. V. Zhukovyskyi 233-238
The study of conducting trains modes, with taking into account the value of active and reactive power PDF (Русский)
O. P. Ivanov 239-241
The definition of the structure and sizes of freight wagons for the transport of goods RUE "PA "Belaruskali" PDF (Русский)
M. M. Kolos 242-248
Research and development of the identification/authentication complex in information systems PDF (Українська)
D. O. Ostapets, V. Lapin 249-254
The probabilistic assessment of causality in the construction of railway vehicles PDF (Русский)
V. I. Prykhodko, O. O. Bosov, S. V. Myamlin 255-258
About the building systems of plant automation with advanced security PDF (Русский)
Yu. I. Khmarskyi 259-262


Structural changes in carbon steel for a long exposures at subcritical temperatures PDF (Русский)
I. O. Vakulenko 263-265
The study of the stages of nucleation and growth of cracks during the full-scale fatigue test PDF (Українська)
I. O. Vakulenko, M. A. Gryshchenko, O. M. Perkov 266-268
The analysis of the defects causes on the surface of the rolling train wheels PDF (Українська)
I. O. Vakulenko, O. M. Perkov, V. H. Anofriev, V. S. Krot 269-271
The use of the method of simulation modeling to estimate the effect of structure parameters on the wear resistance of the bearings of the motors of electric locomotives PDF (Українська)
Т. M. Meshcheriakova, M. O. Kuzin 272-278


Scientific approaches to the definition of the boundaries of state intervention in the redistribution of income PDF (Українська)
V. Ye. Vlasiuk 279-280
Human capital: definition, characteristics, reproduction PDF (Українська)
V. V. Kompaniets 281-284
The impact of the increased speed of trains on the losses associated with the wear gauge infrastructure PDF (Українська)
I. P. Korzhenevych, M. B. Kurhan, Yu. S. Barash 285-292